Pioneer In Pakistan

"Karate, properly viewed, is
a way of perfecting character"







Inam Ullah Khan Pioneer of Kyokushin Karate in Pakistan.

                 Shihan Inamullah Khan was born in his ancestral village Zarobi (Sawabi) Pakistan on 10th January, 1940. His father Moulana Shafi Ullah Khan S/o Moulana Waheedullah Khan S/o Moulana Shah Meer Khan was the respected and influential personality of Zarobi. Inamullah Khan received his primary education from his home town, later he came to Karachi where he graduated and settled here. He is master in following styles of Martial Arts, Bando, Judo, Aikido, Ju Jitsu, Shotokan, Karate Budokan, Gojukai, Tae Kwando and Kyokushinkai. He learnt these arts of defence from So Sai Masoyama, Goshi Yama Guchi, Shihan Peter Chong, Master Kim, Mosis Poul, Naka Yama, Master Jo Chin, Master Chew Choo Soot, Master Haider Ali, Master Muhammad Ashraf. He has also been good player of Kabaddi, Wrestling, Boxing and Football.


                 He got the regular training of Kyokushin Karate from Asian Chief Shihan Peter Chong in Singapore and Sosai Mas Oyama in Japan.


                 Inamullah Khan introduced Kyokushinkai first time in Pakistan in 1975. He has been involved in establishing and developing Martial Art in Pakistan for many years. He is world recognized Master of Karate. He inauguration the first east Asian Karate Academy in 1975 in Gizri (Karachi) Pakistan name of the Academy is Universal Karate Academy but the style of the Dojo is Kyokushin. Proper inauguration of Kyokushinkai Karate Club was held in 23rd August, 1977 in Karachi (Pakistan). In 1977, he got 2nd Position in “World Karate Championship” at Kwalalampur, Malaysia. He won the title of “Pakistan Champion” many times for the years 1978, 1979, 1983 and 1984. He won 78 times on Knock Out Bases. In 1983 grand master Sosai Mas Oyama accredited his efforts at Tokyo for the promotion of karate.


                 He received Silver Jubilee Award from the Association of Art and Journalism in 1989. In 1994 he was nominated for the “Presidential Award” from Pakistan Navy. Line Club gave his “Silver Jubilee Award” in 1995. Ten Shin Kan, a Japanese Association, admired his services for Karate with “Pride of Pakistan”, lifetime achievement award at Lahore in 2006.


                 He has strong built and great power of endurance due to which he is world class breaking master. He is famous for introducing following breaking items in Pakistan.



                 1.              Two Baseball Bats by Shin


                 2.              Coconut by Hand Blow


                 3.              Natural mountain stones by hand blow


                 4.              Ice Blocks


                 5.              Six Stones of 40 Kg on his abdomen


                 6.              Tiles on different part of body


                 7.              Eight 8 Inch thick wooden slabs by hand

                                  Blow and In addition he passed Toyota

                                  Hiace, Pajero over his abdomen.



                 The promotion of martial art in new generation of Pakistan is the biggest goal of Shihan Inamullah Khan. He is serving as President of Karachi Karate Association and Vice President of Sindh Karate Association. Moreover, he is lifetime chairman of Martial Art Connection Federation. He introduced Kyokushin style in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Bahrain and Marshes. When he start in 1994 Kyokushin in Uzbekistan, the President of Uzbekistan give him Nationality in this regard.


                 In 1980 Inamullah Khan was recruited as Chief Paity Officer in Navy due to his best performance in sports. He also trained SSG-N, Navy and Army commandos. He had also opportunity to serve abroad by training Saudi Commandos at King Faisal Navel Base in Saudi Arabia.


                 He also served as Air Guard from 1982-1987. He visited 144 countries for Army Service and Martial Art championships. Moreover, he visited several times USA, UK, Japan, Singapore and Saudi Arabia.


                 He passed away on 15 November, 2007 on Thursday at 07:30 PM may ALLAH keep his soul in rest and Peace.

International Kyokushinkaikan Karate Organization, Pakistan